Here are a few basic things to keep in mind when choosing the proper oversized blazer, the overall cut (is it a boxy, straight or curvy silhouette); the lapels (are they notched, peaked or a shawl style); the buttons (single, double which is most common and last but not least double breasted)? I tend to go for a peaked or notched lapel double breasted blazer style, no real reason, just love the look. I love coordinating suits to be exact.

Love a straight cut but for a better fit and some tweaks, I always take a trip to the tailor after each suit purchase because this is quite key when styling a suit look . When a suit is properly tailored it can make one look trimmer, smarter and simply chic.

Styled this orange suit set above two ways to show it’s versatility. If you’re not comfortable styling your suit jacket without a top (which I am a fan of as seen HERE, HERE & HERE, it’s a sexy and feminine spin on what is traditional considered a “borrowed from the boys” style), I have also shared how I styled a seamless turtleneck sweater beneath. You can of course swap out the turtleneck for another top, i.e. a silk cami, a graphic tee or a silk blouse.

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xx, Ranti

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