Winter Sorbet


Shirt: Trouve | Jeans: Current Elliott | Bag: Proenza Schouler, try This Color | Shoes: Valentino | Jacket: Zara | Lips: Funny Face Lipstick

On this winter day, the sun was shinning so brightly, I could not help but dream of Spring….another 5 weeks? Oh I can’t wait!
Have wonderful weekend, see you soon.

Thanks for Viewing,
  • Carrie says:

    Wow! I love your outfit! Makes me wanna go out and change my entire wardrobe. I'm not really fashionable when it comes to clothing. I suck at dressing nicely. I just go with the flow. My sister actually says I dress like an old lady and that's not good because I'm only 22 years old going on 23 in June. LOL

  • Jackie says:

    Oh your blazer is just simply fabulous and the colour is amazing. Bring on spring!

    xo, jackie

  • Love love love your blazer color so much 😀


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