Monochrome Madness… All Black For Fall

I love wearing all sorts of colors but lately I’ve found myself donning pieces comprised of all black, all white or a combination of the two. Truth is black and white pieces only make up of about 40% of my wardrobe but the opposite would seem true based on what I wear.

Keeping on my current color trend, sharing this witchery cool look I can’t seem to get enough of lately. I have actually worn this look 3 times in the last month, hat not always included because it’s such an extra piece but I love this look none the less.


Black Crop Jacket HERE | Black Silk Palazzo Pants, (Old by The Row ), Get The Look HERE | Black Bralette HERE | Black Flatform Sandal HERE | Black Waist Bag HERE | Black Oversized Hat (By Lack Of Color), Get The Look HERE | Gold Watch HERE (A current favorite of mine) | Black Sunglasses HERE

I appreciate you stopping by and I look forward to catching up with you again soon! Keep safe and take care of yourselves!


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